One of the best films of the year. that screened at this year's Maryland Film Festival, opens at The Landmark (it already opened in D.C.). Here was my earlier review:

"Cyrus" (*** 1/2-92 minutes)-One of the best proponents of mumblecore, an American independent film movement that began in the early 2000's and noted for one-take improvised scripts, are the Duplass brothers Mark & Jay. Their initial film, "The Puffy Chair", was one of my favorites at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival. The brothers are going more and more big time. Their latest is produced by Ridley & Tony Scott and stars some great Hollywood A-list talent for a film that, I predict, will produce some acting nominations come Oscar time. Lovable loser John (John C. Reilly in a breakout role) is down in the dumps when he finds out that his ex-wife (Catherine Keener), who previously dumped him 7 years ago, is about to wed. After she convinces him to attend a party to try and meet a new lady, it starts disastrously when he proceeds to get disgustingly drunk. However, Molly (the wonderful Marisa Tomei), somehow, sees a sensitive soul who has lost his way and before too long they actually connect that night and begin a relationship. However, when Molly repeatedly and mysteriously leaves his pad in the middle of the night, John gets suspicious and decides to follow her home one night. Falling asleep in his car, he awakens the next day to inadvertently meets her peculiar son Cyrus (Jonah Hill who is sure to be nominated). I don't want to give too much away, but the script, acting, and execution of this wonderfully moving story is sure to put the Duplass brothers on the Hollywood map big-time. Great fun!

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