The good news is that, even though I haven't posted any new reviews since early October, I have continued to attend several film screenings and events over the past month. However, due to recent circumstances beyond my control, I haven't been able to devote the proper time to sit down at my keyboard to update this site. However, I am now ready to get back to my writings and will soon post reviews of several films and events including: Philip Seymour Hoffman's "Jack Goes Boating" (with coverage of a post-screening Q&A with AA nominated actress Amy Ryan), director David Fincher's "The Social Network", Emma Stone's "Easy A", "Stone" (with coverage of a post-screening Q&A with Ed Norton), "Never Let Me Go", AA winning director Danny Boyle's upcoming "127 Hours" (with coverage of the Q&A with the director), & the upcoming "Fair Game" about mother/CIA spy Valerie Plamem whose covert identity was revealed by The Bush Administration in 2003 (with coverage of the Q&A with director Doug Liman, Valerie, & her husband, ex-Ambassador Joe Wilson). So please stop back as I will soon be ready to provide you with my humble opinion that just might prevent you from spending a couple of hours in a theater that you'll never get back.