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"The World's Fastest Indian" (2005) ****

The feel good movie of 2005!!! Not since that wonderful Canadian indie gem "Seducing Dr. Lewis" have I ever been so mesmerized and excited by a film. Just the day before, I had viewed one of the greatest acting performances I have ever seen by Philip Seymour Hoffman in "Capote" (in my mind nearly equaling Nick Cages' AA performance in "Leaving Las Vegas"). Give him the Oscar folks. No one can touch his channeled performance. But - - - there it was last night. Anthony Hopkins giving an acting clinic during the entire 127 minutes he is on screen (I believe he was in every scene) that needs to be screened in every acting class on the planet. It was that great! The more in the dark you are about the story and it's absolutely quirky loveable characters the better. (I thought I was going to see a Western when I got the invite. Then when I found out it was about the guy who tries to establish the motorcycle land speed record starring Sir Anthony, I wondered who was going to play the young version of the dude who goes for the record. Wrong Wrong Wrong.) I was also skeptical of director Roger Donaldson, considering the pedigree of his work. I mean, how good can this by the guy who gave us "Cocktail"? OY! Wrong again Kemosbe! Director Donaldson obviously has been drinking from the same well as Kiwi Peter Jackson on this one. No one sounds a false note. The ultimate road movie, this one will garnish high praise in the months to come and deservedly so. Never in the history of the cinema have the acts of peeing (you'll understand after you see it) or fornicating by way-past middle age lovers been so tastefully done. However, Sir Anthony pulls those acts off in spades!!! Enjoy.

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