"P.S. I Love You" ***

I screened the latest entry by writer/director Richard LaGravenese (screenwriter for the awful "Monster-In-Law" and the uncredited screenwriter for "Erin Brockovich") and it appears he is back on track with this better than average 100% bona fide chick flick (yes-even I can appreciate this genre as long as the script, acting, and direction are worthy). Based on the best-selling Cecelia Ahern novel, the movie opens with Hillary Swank and her Irish husband, played by Gerard Butler, in the midst of a typical spousal spat. And, before you can even settle into your chair, you are present at his wake. (I think the movie holds the record for the longest time it takes for the opening credits to roll after the start of the movie-probably about 15 minutes). Then, you are presented with the premise: Gerard had time to prepare for his demise and, from the grave, he helps direct his wife to better prepare for the rest of her life. How? Well, if you aren't aware of the plot, it's better to go into this one cold to see how he leads Hillary out of her depression and transform her from being a depressed widow to a hopeful person. Although it is bit predictable, and a tad too long in some scenes, the film delivers with an outstanding script and acting by the terrific ensemble cast comprising of Lisa Kudrow (who gets to deliver the majority of the one-liners-of which there are many), Gina Gershon, Harry Connick, Jr., and, the always wonderful, Kathy Bates. You might end up booking your next trip to Ireland after witnessing the gorgeous cinematography. Bring multiple hankies!

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