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"Atonement" ****

Wednesday January 1, 2008


This is the true beginning of my cinema diary. After navigating my past reviews to this blog the past month, it is now time to start writting about each of my cinematic activities-whether they are trips to the theater, catching up on films I might have missed during their initial runs, or expounding my general filmic thoughts.

So what better time to start "diarying" than the beginning of a new year. And, I couldn't think of a better time to celebrate than to take in a film that's been on my radar for most of the past month. Perhaps the start of my new year would have been better served with a more uplifting film, but I'd rather see a great downer movie than a worthless comedy any day. So "Atonement" was the film that gets my 2008 off to a roaring start! Some of the main "Pride & Prejudice" principals (namely Director Joe Wright, Star Keira Knightly, composer Dario Marianelli, and producers Tim Bevin, Eric Fellner, & Paul Webster) are back with this masterpiece based on Ian McEwan's novel about the bittersweet romance between well-to-do Keira Knightly and the housekeeper's son, played by James McAvoy (so wonderful in "The Last King Of Scotland"). This fable about how a simple lie can have such devastating results to so many people, is one that will stay with you for quite awhile. I was reminded of the great "The English Patient" while mesmerized as this romanced unfolded during both pre and post-WWII. The cinematography, sound editing, acting, score, and direction will certainly make it a leading Oscar contender in February (it has already received the most Golden Globe nominations). Masterful filmmaking!

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